Dryer Vent Cleaning Costs

$99 Winter Special

Not cleaning your dryer vent yearly, can cost you.
An excessively clogged dryer vent may add an additional $18-$24 per month to your home’s energy bill, according to recent industry studies. That is almost $300 added to your energy bill per year. The truth is that most dryer vent cleaning bills cost less than $300. Try saving your money and having the cleaning performed once a year as dryer manufacturers recommend.

Why Choose Duct Heroes to Clean You Dryer

Fair Pricing and Cost Estimates
Here at Duct Heroes we make it very simple to get a estimated price. We are currently having a special for $99 for a dryer vent cleanings that is located on the first floor. This special is will only be avalible for customers that book in the month of December. Hurry and book your appointment before this price is gone! Now, there can be charges or discounts added depending on the circumstance (Roof Access, Extension Ladder, Crawl Space, Repairs, Etc.).

Because we believe in fair, first-time quotes, Duct Heroes offers a dryer vent cleaning services estimate. Then you can make the decision to have the service performed. If you do want it done, we can perform the dryer vent cleaning at the same time. If not, we leave and there is a $30 charge for the dryer vent diagnostic.

Efficient Service Time
Typical service time in a residential home will run between 30 minute to an hour. We understand that your schedule is as busy as ours, so our dryer vent cleaners will always provide an estimate for time completion before they begin the cleaning.